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Avotone is an interesting product to read about.  It combines the use of an ordinary peptide like Argireline (used in many of the products out there) but it combines it with Avocado Oil.  Avocado Oil is known for a number of properties that make it a nice addition to your skin care routine.  We are not sure how this will translate into an anti-aging treatment, but the natural treatment of the skin is always a plus for us. 

Avotone contains avocado oil in it. Avocado oil has a number of beneficial aspects to is. First of all it contains vitamin D which helps in cellular growth, essential for the treatment of wrinkles.  It has a number of anti-oxidant qualities such as vitamin A and lecithin.  It can also help prevent the onset of discoloration or irritation to the skin.  The question, however, was whether or not using Avotone would be any different from simply creating an avocado mask at home for less than $5. 

Argireline is a peptide that produces a temporary lifting to wrinkles within the skin. It is commonly used in many of the anti-aging products on the market, and we are sure you have used at least one product with it in it.  We were interested to find out whether the combination of the two would yield significant enough results to rank in the Top 5 of our Rankings Chart

What Happened When We Tested It?

We liked it!  The product was comfortable to wear and it seemed to restore a certain luster to the skin.  I am not sure that the product delivered any significant wrinkle reduction per say, but there was an overall improvement to the skin.  Avotone is not the product for you if you are going to stare in the mirror and try to measure the wrinkle reduction, however if are looking for a subtle overall improvement to the skin, perhaps this is for you.  It should be noted that you may get many of the same results by applying the avocado oil to your skin by yourself vs. buying Avotone, but overall we enjoyed the testing.  Due to the lack of wrinkle reduction it can’t compare to our number one choice, but a nice product for younger consumers. 

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