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Nanotokin is a newer product to the market place.  It claims to deliver wrinkle reduction, removal of dark circles and under eye bags.  It claims to use 14 active ingredients to deliver these results and that consumers see results in 5 days.  The removal of dark circles is a problem that is seldom treated quickly and if Nanotokin can deliver that, we would love to rank it in our top 5 on our Rankings Chart

The only initial concerns we had about this product was the fact that many of the active ingredients listed on their website we have tested with little results.  Argireline, is a temporary wrinkle removing peptide.  We have tested its use in many other products with little results.  Matrixyl 3000 is another one.  Regular Matrixyl has proven to do well in our testing, but the milder Matrixyl 3000 has yet to yield large results for us. So we had some concerns, but we had never tested a product like this before.  As mentioned, there are a total of 14 active ingredients in Nanotokin and that means we can’t predict the outcome of a test based solely on two of them.  We were intrigued by this formula, and hopeful in its testing. 

What Happened When We Tested It?

The product did what many of the ones we have tried do, very little.  It is a nice product, comfortable to wear.  It did provide a bit of an instant effect, not a drastic one, but noticeable.  We were not able to document any long term improvement in dark circles at the 5 day mark or the 30 day mark.  It was as if our skin improved for a short period of time after each application, then returned to its original state within an hour or so.  It simply didn’t compare to our number one choice.  We did not continue the use beyond the 30 day point, despite the fact that Nanotokin offers a 60 day money back guarantee.  We did not see reason enough, based upon our findings, to do so.  However, you may find additional results after the 30 day mark, as it is a peptide based product.  Based on our testing, It is not worthy of our Top 5 and it is not for sale on this site.

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