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Murad Regenerist


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Resurgence is a three part system by Murad, an established skin care company.  Promoted primarily free trials (a red flag to us), the company’s reputation was enough to dismiss it and include the product in our review.  Murad claims to treat the signs of aging specific to hormonal changes within women.  While not exactly a product to treat all customers, it is an interesting concept none the less.  Our concern going into testing was the fact that there are many causes of aging, not just hormonal ?, Furthermore, what about the women who have not begun significant hormonal changes within their body just yet?  What about MEN??  These were questions that we eager to find the answer to.

We couldn’t really find much information about which ingredients that Murad uses, which naturally ruled out reading any sort of clinical studies; a concern for us. That being said, our testers received enough results to warrant a Number 2 Choice among the wrinkle creams we tested.  This three part treatment consists of a Cleanser, a wrinkle treatment, and finally a moisturizer.  The multiple product approach is good, but it still doesn’t touch our Number One Rated Choice in this category.

If you have ever watched Sunday morning television, you may have come across the Murad Infomercial.
While infomercials have historically been a red flag within the skin care industry, they do reach out to a large number of people, people who in turn are shopping for a wrinkle cream.  For this reason, we felt obligated to review the product and let consumers have an honest, third party review to base their decision on, when looking at our ratings chart.

What Happened When We Tested It?

For our testing, we were sure to use a wide variety of testers.  Women who are older and have already experienced many hormonal changes, the women that the product seems to target, younger women in their late 20’s and early 30’s looking to prevent the onset of aging.  We even through in a few men, to keep things interesting.  For the most part the product worked on those it was designed to treat.  Unfortunately younger women, and almost half of the older women struggled to see visible results from this treatment.  However, the product is only designed for a select part of the population, and in that narrowed demographic, the results were adequate.  With continued use of this product month after month, consumers can expect to see moderate improvement in skin firmness and hydration, and maybe even some reduction in wrinkles.

The Murad Resurgence three part treatment is well formulated and is safe on all skin types, however the treatment is designed for only a select few.  While many women may be experiencing these hormonal changes, there are many that are not.  If you fit into this category, and your aging is specific to hormonal changes and not the external damages caused by sun, the environment and lifestyle, Murad should be considered prior to making your next wrinkle cream purchase.

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